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How to Run Lacmus on OSX?

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow to develop programs without an Apple ID account and computers with MacOS. In fact, our developers do not have Apple computers, which complicates the development. That's why running the program is quite difficult.

We hope that the situation will improve and the Lacmus App will be available in the Apple Store.

Bellow we say how to bypass Apple restrictions.

Install and configure OS

  1. Download the latest Lacmus Application release.

    1. Choose the latest release.

    2. Download lacmus_X.X.X_osx_amd64.tar.xz archive, where X.X.X - is a version number.

  2. Extract the archive (by clicking 2 times).

  3. Try to open the Lacmus App. Your Mac will show the security alert. Ignore this.

  4. Open the System Preferences -> Security & Safety.

  5. Go to General tab.

  6. Allow to run Lacmus Application.

  7. Go to Privacy tab.

  8. Save and close the settings.

Run the App

  • Open terminal and enter the commands bellow:

$ cd /Applications/LacmusApp.app/Contents/MacOS
$ ./LacmusApp

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