About Us

Lacmus Foundation - it is open-source non-profit organization engaged in the search for missing people using computer vision and neural networks.

Our mission

According to statistics about 600 000 cases of people went missing reported in US only every year, several thousands of those are never found. In Russia cases also counting in tens of thousands. Quite often those people are get lost in wilderness.
Usually a person, who got lost in wilderness, meets a number of risk factors, such as: dehydration, hypothermia, trauma, panic. Unfortunately, this person has a high chance of dying.
Various search and rescue teams, both state organized and volunteering around the world are looking for missing people. For searches, they often use unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) with which they perform aerial photography.
But... Analyzing photos also needs human resources. How can we speed up this process? We can use Neural Networks!
The Lacmus project, helps Search & Rescue Squads to find people, who get lost, by analyzing photos from copters with Neural Networks.