Lacmus Foundation statement on the armed conflict on Ukrainian territory

At the present time, there is an ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine.
The members of the Lacmus Foundation consider violence to be unacceptable in the present world and decisively condemn any use of force, and especially military action, as a means of conflict resolution. We support the entire peaceful population of the territory of Ukraine, and worldwide.
We express our solidarity with people who have suffered losses in this conflict. Finally, we call on all sides to engage in a peaceful resolution of any and all conflicts and hope for the fastest possible cessation of military action. The Lacmus Foundation is a distributed, open, free, and noncommercial association. It receives participation from developers from various countries. Our work is likewise open to residents of anywhere in the world without regard to country of residence, nationality, religious belief, gender expression, or political viewpoint.
We note that the use of our software is licensed exclusively for peaceful goals, namely the search for missing persons.
Last modified 6mo ago